Human Respiratory Electronic Model

Human Respiratory Electronic Model

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This model, excellent for demonstrating the mechanical process of human breathing, is designed for convenient use in physiology lessons at secondary schools, colleges, and universities.


The human breathing mechanics model consists of a mechanical case, ribs, intercostal muscles, a breastbone, a diapl1ragm, a windpipe, bronchi, Bronchioles, lungs, a mechanical unit, and asynchronous electronic

Operating Instruction:     

The process of demonstration:

  1. Inspiration: It is brought about by the chest expanding.
  2. The ribs swing outwards and upwards. This is brought about by the contraction of the intercostal muscles.
  3. The diaphragm moves downwards so that instead of being Dome-shaped, it becomes flattened.                                                                                    

All these movements result in an increase in the volume of the thorax.

This creates a negative pressure-a suction force-inside the thorax.

  1. The light in the lungs and the windpipe becomes brighter. That shows the walls of the lungs are pulled outwards and the air is drawn into them.
  2. Expiration: It is brought about by the reverse process.
  3. The ribs swing downwards and inwards, the breastbone moves back slightly.
  4. The diaphragm bows upwards. The volume of the thorax decreases And this creates positive pressure inside it. 
  5. The light in the lungs and the windpipe becomes dim. That shows air is forced out of the lungs.
Item Dimensions: L48 x W28 x D74 cm