Human Blood Circulation Electronic Model

Human Blood Circulation Electronic Model

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The model is applicable to blood circulation teaching in elementary school and high school.


(1) The form, proportion, and position of the model and size of blood vessels are similar to a

common person. Some organs are reduced or enlarged and shifted the position

appropriately to a better presentation of blood circulation and cardiac cycle.

(2) Heart, artery, and vein show their form. And blood vessels' trend of head, trunk and

the extremity should be correct and natural.

(3) Generally, the color of the artery is red and the color of the vena is blue. But the color of the pulmonary artery is blue and the color of the pulmonary vein is red.

  1. Matters needing attention.

(1) The model cannot be impacted strongly to avoid damage.

(2) The model should be stored in a space away from sunshine with a suitable temperature to avoid the aging of the materials.

(3) The model can be cleaned with a wet cloth, but it can't be cleaned with an organic solvent to avoid depigmentation.

Item Dimension: W46 x D6 x L75cm